These Terms and Conditions of Business are between Freeman Consult and an employer (the Client or The VIP) and are deemed to be accepted by the Client by virtue of the use or engagement of a Staff (the Applicant/candidate) introduced or supplied to the Client by Freeman Consult. For the purposes of this terms and conditions and regulation under it’s special program called The Freeman Staff And Skill Program(THE FSASP), Freeman Consult is operating as an employment agency with the authority to enter into an employment contract with a Staff, Applicant or Candidate on behalf of a Client. All and any business undertaken by Freeman Consult is transacted subject to the conditions hereinafter set out, each of which shall be incorporated and implied in any agreement between Freeman Consult and its Clients. In the event of conflict between these conditions and any other Terms and Conditions the former shall prevail unless expressly agreed to the contrary by Freeman Consult in writing(Email).

1. The Client shall notify Freeman Consult through its physical office or the online booking platform and immediately an Applicant is introduced or supplied by Freeman Consult is engaged by the Client, The Client shall be liable to pay the Introduction or employment costs(30% of the staff salary), including staff salary, National Insurance and any PAYE amounts required to be paid to or in respect of the engagement of the Applicant (the Employment Costs) and the Introduction Fee from the date on which the Applicant is engaged to commence work for the Client. Such salary shall be deemed to include all taxable remuneration payable including any weighting allowance, guaranteed overtime, guaranteed commission, bonus or any similar payment as agreed, also The Client, shall be liable to pay Uniform Costs if need be. 

2. Freeman Consult  will introduce a Staff to carry out work for the Client of such a nature as the Client have notify Freeman Consult when placing its off or online booking for a staff.  When placing its order for our Staff,  the Client shall specify its exact requirements by providing full details of the type of work for which the Applicant  or staff is required for to which the Salary Structure payed by the client must match. 

3. Freeman Consult endeavours to ensure that any Staff under this program is guaranteed the suitability before introducton or supplied to the Client. The Client shall notwithstanding satisfy themselves as to the suitability of any Applicant and shall take up any references provided on the Staff’s offline or online profile/document by the Applicant/Staff and/or Freeman Consult, before engaging the staff. The Client shall be responsible for obtaining work and other permits(Foreign Saffs only) and for the arrangement of medical examinations and/or investigations into the medical history of the Applicant or Staff, and qualifications as may be required by law.

4. All information provided to the Client by Freeman Consult is and must remain confidential. If the Client passes on the details of an Applicant or our Staff to a third party and the third party subsequently engages the staff/ Applicant’s services, the Client will remain liable for the full Introduction Fee and a Replacement Guarantee will not apply(Monthly Staff/Applicants only).

5. Introduction Fees for Applicants are non-refundable (whether or not the Applicant continues to be employed by the Client after the expiration of the Replacement Guarantee Period) and for Applicants for permanent staff(full time) positions shall be based on the salary calculated at an annual rate agreed to be paid to the Applicant by his or her new employer at the commencement of the new employment. Salary is deemed to be all weighting allowance, guaranteed overtime, guaranteed commission, bonus or any similar payment after taxable remuneration if any including company’s  monthly deductions of 20% by FREEMAN CONSULT. The appropriate Introduction Fee is as per the scale of fees below. For temporary staff (part-time) all fees charged by Freeman Consult shall be non-refundable.

6. In the event of any Applicant, and/or the Client lawfully terminating the engagement/booking or bookings and the Staff/Applicant leaving the employment within 6 weeks of the date upon which the Applicant commenced work for the Client (the Replacement Guarantee Period), then the Client will receive a free replacement guarantee as described below (Replacement Guarantee). The Replacement Guarantee Period shall not be treated as a trial period. The staff shall be deemed to be engaged as a worker for the Client unless and until termination of the employment is carried out in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. In the event of the Client making alternative arrangements Freeman Consult will provide a free replacement guarantee for permanent staff(full time) positions only and once. For the avoidance of doubt, no Replacement Guarantee is offered for a replacement Staff or part-time staff. Freeman Consult shall use reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable replacement without any further charge provided that:

a. The Client notifies Freeman Consult in WRITING(Email) of the termination, within 30days thereof. Or in cases of unplanned terminations the client shall allow for a period of 48hours for replacement.

b. Neither the Client nor any subsidiary or associated company of the Client shall engage the Applicant within thirty-six months from the date of termination of the engagement withoutut going through FREEMAN CONSULT.

c. The Applicant has not terminated his/her employment due to unreasonable conditions, or conditions materially different from those stated in the Client registration form or contract of employment, the circumstances surrounding the need for a replacement to be made are objectively justifiable and it is otherwise fair to require Freeman Consult to provide a replacement at no extra cost to the Client. The free replacement will be based upon the original job description.

d. The Client has paid the fee in accordance with its fee structure for permanent placements. No free replacement will be offered by Freeman Consult in the event of failure by the Client to adhere to the time limits provided by this condition.

e. If the Client cancels a confirmed booking less than fourteen working days prior to commencement of the Applicant, the full fee is payable, and one week’s salary is payable to the Applicant. If the Client wishes to cancel a booking due to extenuating circumstances, the Client can do so by informing Freeman Consult in writing(Email) providing fourteen days’ notice, Freeman Consult reserves the right to charge 50% of the fee for work incurred.

f. For the avoidance of doubt, there will not be a refund of fees if the Client does not wish Freeman Consult to provide a suitable replacement or in any other circumstances.

g. No more than one free replacement may be claimed in respect of each Applicant and in the event of a second or further replacement being required; the Client shall become liable to pay an additional Introduction Fee.

h. Termination of a booking by either party due to mismanagement by the employer or the employer failing to comply with all of the employer’s statutory responsibilities does not qualify for a free replacement under the replacement guaranteed program.

7.  Freeman Consult shall accept partial[2/3] responsibilties or liability for whatsoever loss or damage of whatever nature arising directly from any act of our Staff  introduced by Freeman Consult even if such act or omission is negligent or fraudulent as long as there overwhelming evidence to back such claims.

8. The introduction of a staff to a Client by Freeman Consult (directly or indirectly) is confidential and such introductions are made individually. If the Client or a member of the Client’s staff or any associate of the Client, passes on an introduction to any other person within thirty days of the introduction to the Client by Freeman Consult resulting in an engagement of the Applicant, the Client is liable for payment of a fee in accordance with Freeman Consult’s fee structure for placements.

9. A full fee will be charged for any Staff engaged as a consequence or resulting from an application to Freeman Consult by a Client even if the introduction is made indirectly.

10. All accounts and charges are payable in full within seven days of delivery of invoice or notification (virtual or physical) by Freeman Consult.

11. If an Applicant introduced by Freeman Consult is rejected or rejects the booking by the Client, a full introduction fee will be payable if the Applicant is subsequently booked by the Client at any other time.

12. Every Salary Structure for Professional Domestic Staff should not be lower than sixty(45,000) thousand naira (starting price) full-time Staff only.

13. Freeman Consult notifies the Client by the provision of these Terms and Conditions of Business to the Client that:

a. The performance of the services being provided by Freeman Consult began upon the issue to the Client of these Terms and Conditions for the purposes of signing,  payment plus other remunerations.

b. If signed or accepted or agreed as in the case of online bookings, it is deemed, you accept these terms by either engaging or interviewing candidate/s introduced by one of our consultants. If you wish to cancel this agreement please do so in writing (email or letter) within seven days of signing or interviewing the first candidate.

c. There is no free registration for any client. All fees are payable in full prior to commencement of a Staff.

d. Fulltime and Part-time Fees– All Household Staff (Excluding maternity) Fulltime and Part-time fees per four calendar week(monthly) booked per Staff is 20% of the total monthly salary of a candidate or staff. Staff Fees is subject to negotiation between the lines of 45,000 to 1.5million naira depending on the country of origin, qualifications and experience of the candidate, Applicant or Staff.

e. Overseas Permanent Fees – All Household Staff (Excluding maternity) All Private Staff & Corporate Fees 20% of the annual net salary + Tax. All fees are payable in sterling only and payment is due within seven days of invoice or prior to commencement of candidate, whichever is sooner. In the case of an overseas position payment is due prior to the departure of the Applicant from their country of residence. The above scale of fees applies irrespective of whether the candidate is self-employed or employed.