March 22, 2022
80,000 - 95,000 / month
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

We are in need of competent men that would add value to our organization by moving delivering our goods to our customers on a daily basis.


Carrying out vehicle maintenance checks.
Safely transporting company staff or management as well as various products and materials to and from locations in a timely manner.
Delivering packages to customers in a timely manner.
Picking up office purchases or other administrative needs.
Utilizing navigation apps to find the most optimal route.
Interacting with clients in professional conduct.
Working at night and on weekends.
Maintaining an organized travel schedule.
Ensuring that vehicles have sufficient gas and are always ready for use.
Report vehicles that are due for repairs to chief driver when necessary.
Driving a variety of vehicles, including cars, buses and trucks.
Assisting with the loading and offloading of management luggage, products, and materials.
Adjusting travel routes to avoid traffic congestion or road construction.
Promptly inform the company of any tickets issued against the company vehicle during work hours.
Ensuring that the company vehicle is always parked in areas that permit parking in order to avoid towing.
Keeping the company vehicle clean and properly maintained by performing regular washing, cleaning and vehicle maintenance.
Reporting any accidents, injuries, and vehicle damage to management.


A valid driver’s license.
3 – years of driving experience.
Extensive knowledge of the operating area.
Excellent organizational and time management skills.
Exceptional interpersonal skills and reliability.
Good verbal communication.
Proficiency using GPS devices.
Clean driving record.
Sound knowledge of road safety regulations.
Working knowledge of local roads and routes.