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We link qualified artisans and skilled labour such as hairstylists, photographers, drivers and so on; domestic and social workers such as nannies, security guards, chefs and so on; cooperate and professional workers such as accountants, lawyers, human resources managers and so on with employers to help them . . .

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About Freeman Consult

FREEMAN CONSULT is a subsidiary of Daily Shape Ventures, a registered consultancy firm with registration number: 2902840. We at Freeman Consult owe our successes and expertise to grass root consulting of over fifteen(15) years of existence, we operate with highly trained foot soldiers(Agents) scattered all over different industries and sectors, states and LGAs, their only job is to be on a constant lookout for these opportunities, our clients cut across small medium and large enterprises, they consider us partners in progress due to our proving track record, we invite you to check us out on our pofolio, staff strength and customer base on our social media handles.

The advent of COVID-19 and it’s subsequent look-down reshaped how we now do business, the company decided to shift gear by embracing the new normal in other to sustain our role as dependable partners to their numerous clientele base. Today, the strategy is to use our online platform to reach even more clients with the same excellent services and products you have come to know us over the years which have endeared you our esteem customers to us in Benin City Edo state, Delta, Anambra and now to our new frontiers in Lagos and Ogun, soon enough Ondo and indeed the entire thirty-six states of Nigeria plus the FCT.

Our vision remains the same which is to fully digitalize the recruitment process for semi and informal jobs in Africa to the increase productivity of small and medium scale businesses and off course the formal sector as well. This we hope, will lead to our mission of building a global top search engine for one stop-shop everything job recruitment in and outside Nigeria.

We boast of parading on our digital platform (the website) the best and highly skilled artisans all around the country who have mastered their crafts in what they do, we have also taken the pain to put in your hands the power to ratify or de-ratify the competence of both artisans and employees through the star rating and review system. Artisans and employers on our platforms are periodically reviewed and those who fall short of the minimum star rating or bad review from you and with repeated bad reviews are thrown out of the site, this is to maintain quality and promote merit which is in line with our core values of integrity with excellence. All of this at no extra cost, our basic services and products are free because, We are Freeman Consult, Nigeria’s number #1 search engine for social, unique and grass-root jobs for ordinary Nigerians and Africans without connections.

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